Meet Our Accomplished Panel of Experts

The Byron Saunders Foundation is proud to announce the Master of Ceremonies for the evening is Bob Rothwell, an entertainer and MC, along with the talented DJ Steel Bill.  You will enjoy the judging and commentary by Kimberley Mitchell, a National Champion Professional Dancer, Chris Borja, our 2019 Mirror Ball Trophy Winner and Connect Networker, and Joseph Moorer, a talented musician and comedian.

Bob Rothwell

Master of Ceremonies

Robert is a professional, actor, comedian, coach and owner of RoRo Artistry LLC. As a natural born entertainer, creativity is the blood that runs through his veins. He is on a journey to not only bring joy, laughter and fun to the world; he is also committed to supporting people to empowerment and becoming the best version of themselves. You can find him on any social media platforms and email links below for further information.

Bill Wilson (DJ Steel Bill)

Disc Jockey

A Columbus Ohio native, father of two children, Alyssa (27) and Trey (23), grandfather of Ellis (6) and Emerson (4). Music and art have always been a big part of my life. I was always into drawing and painting at a young age, and had a desire to want to illustrate comics. While in school, my second home was the Art Room. I had a dream of working for Marvel Comics because of my love for the Spider-Man franchise. My high school Art teacher was instrumental in helping me earn a partial scholarship to Columbus College of Art and Design, where I was an Illustration major. As a fulltime college student, I was working a fulltime job as well. During that time period I also spent time experimenting with music. My parents had an extensive record collection, so I was always going through the album covers fascinated by some of the artwork, but even more by the different styles of music. It was in middle school where the rap music scene was beginning to take off, and of course I was hooked.  I started making my own songs using instrumentals of records, and recording them to cassette tapes as a hobby. I did performances at school, talent shows, and was even a member of a rap group in the 80’s. I bought some studio equipment and started making my own tracks, and that evolved into DJing.  I got the nickname Steel Bill from a former supervisor who used to call me that every time he saw me, and it stuck. In the beginning I always provided the music for family get-togethers and parties, and I was receiving requests to play at other events, and I eventually upgraded to professional gear. I gained more experience as I did school dances and some wedding receptions, and I officially launched my DJ and Photo Booth business in 2016.  I’m continuing to build, developing and growing. I love to spread happiness and joy, and music is a passion of mine and providing the soundtrack  and fun to people’s lives is a perfect way to do it!

Chaz Freutel


Chris Hawker




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Want to be a Judge or Alternate Judge?

We are always looking for enthusiastic and talented people to join our volunteer team. If this sounds like you, contact us and let us know you’re interested. We will contact you with more details on how you can make Dance With Our Columbus Stars 2020 the best Bryon Sanders Foundation event ever!